People Served
Received Safe Water
Wells Built

Water Wells Give Hope –
With Buckets of Opportunity & Love

All donations will be applied to a “Water Well” which will supply a village of approximately 1,200 to 1,500 residents.
Do you know that every year, there are millions of people who die from drinking unsafe water, sanitation, and hand hygiene? These people face many challenges including disease, famine, hunger, thirst, and death.

Kids Received Hygiene Solutions Including Training and Handwashing Stations
Country Served
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Our Solution of Building a Well in Each Community Will:

Help provide a better education. Children will be healthier and will not miss school. It will also increase the enrollment rate especially for girls because these girls will no longer need to travel miles away to fetch water from the river or lake with their moms. Once the well is operational, the girls would be free to attend school which would be a great advancement and many more future opportunities as the result of a “Water Well.”

Provide safe and clean drinking water which in return will help eliminate diseases. Many diseases can be prevented by having the means to simply wash your hands. Children as well as adults can reduce the likelihood of disease with basic hygiene.

Provide irrigation for crops which in return will help provide for families and animals. A great advancement for crops and farmers, young and old alike, with never ending opportunities for agricultural advancement for the villages. Various world organization’s claim of food shortages for the next 30 years gives a more urgent need for a “water well”.

Bring families closer. Women will spend less time getting water meaning more time to spend with family.

Bring happiness and relief not to mention the spiritual uplifting of one’s spirit.

We Need Your Help

AFF received many requests for Water Wells as the need is great. Our resources are limited as a “Water Well” typically cost between $7,000.00 and $10,000.00 depending on the depth, etc.

The girls will get to go to school and advance accordingly, the boys will advance their education as well as their agricultural skills. The results are quick and obvious.

We thank you in advance for all donations regardless of the amount. You will be given information on where your “Well” will be located.

Thank you.