Support a Farmer

One of AFF’s assets is the training Center in Tori Bossito which provides youth with a high quality biblical and sustainable approach to agriculture. Students are welcomed to learn how to improve their crop yields through classroom and hands on training, care for God’s creation and develop a closer relationship with Him.

Our education focuses on many aspects of agriculture like small livestock and poultry keeping, Post-harvest handling and storage, the food system and household food security, Planning skills, Management skills, and Marketing skills.  Before the end of the training section, each student has the opportunity to draft his/her business plan. This plan serves as a scope for the rest of their career as a young agricultural entrepreneur.

Since our charity was founded, we have helped a few young future farmers in many different ways. For Example, Severin Babadoudou in Tori, one of the Benin villages. Before his admission at AFF, he was one of the less priveleged youth who could barely afford a meal a day. During his stay at AFF training center, he focused on poultry farming. At the end of his training, he was provided with financial help to start his own farming business. Severin is now married with 2 boys and is able to provide for his family and help his friends.

We are running a campaign called “Support a farmer” to welcome 10 students to our training center in Benin in August 2017. We are asking for your support in this effort. The funds donated will go towards buying crops, seeds, agriculture tools, fertilizers, student nutrition fees and teacher fees.

Thank you for your support. We hope that together, we can make a difference.